9/29/2016: Passed DPhil viva (PhD oral examine).

8/10/2016: We are invited to give a guest tutorial about CRF-RNN, Higher-order CRF in CNN, ConvLSTM (Recurrent Instance Segmentation) at ECCV 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

8/27/2016: “Higher-order CRF in CNN” paper has been accepted in ECCV 2016, “Fully-trainable deep matching” paper got in BMVC 2016 as an oral, and “Generic CNN-CRF” paper will appear in ACCV 2016.

11/08/2016: DPhil thesis has been submitted.

27/06/2016: CVPR daily features CRF-RNN live demo for semantic segmentation, CVPR 2016, Las Vegas, United States.

24/06/2016: confirmation of DPhil status has been approved.

24/06/2016: Student travel award for CVPR 2016.

23/05/2016: Finalist in LDV vision summit Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge.

18/12/2015: Live demo for Semantic image segmentation based on CRF-RNN  won the best demo award in ICCV 2015.

30/9/2015: code for Semantic image segmentation based on CRF-RNN is available, paper has been accepted to ICCV 2015.

19/6/2015: Live Demo for Semantic image segmentation based on CRF-RNN is on, it has 90,000+ unique visitors in 60 days.

10/6/2015: Code for ImageSpirit and Semantic image segmentation with objects and attributes has been released.

10/4/2015: Recent work ( CRF as RNN arXiv:1502.03240) setting a new state-of-art in semantic image segmentation on the PASCAL VOC 2010-2012 benchmarks.

11/3/2015: ACM transaction on graphics published paper titled “Verbal Guided Image Parsing” will be presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 at Los Angeles.

1/1/2015: We, VALSE (Vision and Learning Seminar) online organisation committee, are organising Webinar on the state-of-the-art Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Computer Graphics, Please join the Webinar.

9/12/2014: I have been granted to transfer to DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) with thesis title “Image Parsing with Objects and Attributes”.

9/12/2014: Thanks to Patric Connor, we have released the foot pressure data in mat data, Check gait-recognition project page.

08/01/2014: Received a Titan Z GPU card from NVIDIA Corporation for my ongoing research. This support is gratefully acknowledged.

30/11/2014: Xin Sun (an undegraduate from St-Hughs College, Oxford) and I have won the runner-up prize (500 GBP cash and others)  at the 1st OXHack.

8/07/2014-30/09/2014: I had a summer internship at Baidu IDL (Institute of Deep Learning), working on low-level vision with Deep Learning, collaborating with Zhizhong Su, Dalong Du, and Chang Huang.

30/07/2014-4/07/2014: I had a lovely visit to Microsoft Cambridge Research to attend the Microsoft PhD Summer School 2014.

24/06/2014: Student travel award for CVPR 2014.

12/05/2014: Our ACM TOG (Transactions on Graphics) paper “ImageSpirit: Verbal Guided Image Parsing” has been accepted.

25/02/2014-20/03/2014: I had a short-term visit to Professor Carsten Rother’s computer vision research group at TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany.

01/03/2014: Our CVPR 2014 submission “Dense Semantic Image Segmentation with Objects and Attributes” has been accepted. The aNYU dataset has been released, more annotations are coming soon.

1/12/2013-20/12/2013: I had a short-term visit to Professor Carsten Rother‘s new Computer Vision Research Group (CVLD) at TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany.

25/11/2013: Our ICCV 2013 saliency region detection submission full C/C++ code, our ICCV 2013 “Robust Non-parametric Data Fitting for Correspondence Modeling” submission Matlab Code for 1D curve fitting, and the binary program for our FG 2013 facial feature detection submission have been released.