• Crows Coming – It is a head tracking based free game on IOS system. The main part of this game is developed at Aug, 2011. It features robust face detection and head pose estimation. Now you can build your own app with those features from free & high quality Faceplusplus.

  • Knowledge 360 – A Photosynth similar project for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007. It enables a panorama image scenes exploration.[pdf]


  • Head Up Display with Head Pose Control – It won 1st prize at final competition at Chinese National Challenge 2007. It has three features: New head up display; speech guided mapping exploration; driver attention detection with frontal face detector and head pose estimation.


Amir Saffari, Bo Xie, Carsten RotherCVLD@TU Dresden Germany, NLPR-CRIPAC, Lubor Ladicky, Min Li, Niloy J. Mitra, Paul Sturgess, Pawan Kumar, Pushmeet Kohli, Philip Torr, Ran He, Sam Hare, Sunando Sengupta,Junge Zhang, Tianyi Zhou, Vibhav Vineet, Wade-Giles Chinese name, Wen-Yan Lin, Yinan Yu Ming-Ming Cheng RG@VGG.Stephen Hicks (Who will build Glasses to help Partially Blind People), Yin Li at Gatech, Jiliang Tang at ASU Sen Wu, Michael Hornacek Mike Sapienza.Carl Yuheng Ren, Victor Prisacariu.Olaf Kahler. David Murray. Active Vision Group. Ziming Zhang, Uwe Schmidt, Jamie Shotton.Yongzhen Huang.Zeeshan Zia


Alpha Image Matting
Vision Dataset

Open Source Projects
C++/C Matrix Computation Libraries
Armadillo: Alternative to Matlab
ViennaCL: OpenMP/CUDA/OpenCL…etc
PETSc(Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation)
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