Gait Recognition

Gait Recognition

Shuai Zheng1  Kaiqi Huang1  Junge Zhang1, Dacheng Tao2 ,Bo Xie1,2,3, Ran He1, Tieniu Tan1

1NLPR, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences      2University of Technology, Sydney     3Georgia Tech


Various popular feature learning methods such as sparse coding, Robust PCA, CCA, and Group sparse coding have been explored in multi-view multi-modality gait recognition and intelligent visual surveillance system applications.

Gait recognition is a popular pattern recognition problem for which attracts a lot of researchers from different communities such as computer vision, machine learning, biomedical, forensic studying and robotics.This problem also has great potential in industries such as visual surveillance. Hence, The Intelligent Recognition & Digital Security Group, which was formed in 1998 by Prof. Tieniu Tan at NLPR (National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition), developed this CASIA dataset since Dec. 10, 2001. This CASIA Gait Recognition Dataset current contains 4 subset: Dataset A(standard dataset), Dataset B(multiview gait dataset) and Dataset C (infrared gait dataset), and Dataset D(gait and its corresponding footprint dataset). The contributions of the project are two folds. 1) We create a new database contains gait and foot pressure image(footprint), which would help further studies on gait. It becomes Gait CASIA Part D sub dataset. 2) We demonstrate how to address most important problem in gait recognition by employing some popular machine learning techniques such RobustPCA, Group Sparse Coding and etc.

More information can be found at this link.

CASIA Gait Part D Dataset

Multi-view Gait Recognition with RobustPCA and Group Sparse Coding


Jan, 2008-Jan, 2010



CASIA Gait Part B (GEI in Matlab Mat format):

CASIA Gait Part D-part1 

CASIA Gait Part_D-part2

CASIA Gait Part D Static Cumulative Foot Pressure Image and its walking side sequence: [Gait&Footprint]

CASIA Gait Part D: Foot Pressure Dynamic Data with in mat format, Thanks to Patrick Connor.




Multiview Gait Recognition Baseline for CASIA Part B (Matlab/Octave code, it requires to download GEI features above. Please cite our paper if you use it.) [link]

RobustPCA code[link] (How to use: Replace SVD-based View transformation model (VTM) in the baseline code. This is a version of robust pca code where it has been modified a few lines. The original code is from Prof. Yi Ma’s website.)

Multiview Gait Recognition with RobustPCA[link]

share dictionary learning with group sparsity.[link]

Toy example about L1-inf sparse coding [link].


Tieniu Tan, Kaiqi Huang, Shuai Zheng, “An Robust foot impression based human analysis”, Applied on 2009.12.23, FIle NO. 200910243728.6.[link]


[1] What’s the latest research by many others on gait recognition beyond our work? [link]

[2] Gait Recognition project page in CBSR.[link]

Extension Applications for foot pressure recognition:

(NB: Ping me if you think your papers should or should not be presented here.)

Patrick Charles Connor. Comparing and Combining Underfoot Pressure Features for Shod and Unshod Gait Biometrics. IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST), 2015.

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    Sir can please send me the matlab code to extract gait energy from gait cycles (From silhouettes).
    Thank You

    Iftikhar Ansari
    Research Scholar at Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

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    Hi, Iftikhar, You can get Gait energy by doing these. 1) Compute the cumulative of the silhouttes in one gait cycle, 2) Divide this by the number of frames in one gait cycle. The results would be similar to what GEI we provided in this website. Let me know if you need more help in this. I will try to find that bit code for you and release it here. Cheers. Kyle

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    Hello Sir,
    Can you mail me a code.?
    Because I want to take trials on live video..
    This is just for learning about different pattern recognition methods..

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    Please Admin,

    I urgently need the matlab code for generating the GEI from the silhouette.

    Thanks in advance

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    Dear sir,
    I gone through the the gait recognition system you proposed. I found it very interesting and useful for my work. I want to begin in computer vision area by gait analysis. Could you please provide me matlab code which you have written?
    Thanks and regards,
    Om Prakash

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    In your paper “A Cascade Fusion Scheme for Gait and Cumulative Foot Pressure Image Recognition”,how to determine the dimensions of pbHOGs? Do pbHOGs extracted from every frame have the same dimensions?Is the dimensions of concatenated pbHOG representation same with that of pbHOGs or (N*dimensions of pbHOGs) ?(N is the number of frames in one gait cycle)
    THX ~

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