shuai_zheng_londonShuai (a.k.a, Kyle) Zheng

Research Scientist, DPhil (a.k.a. Ph.D)

Palo Alto, California

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Shuai (Kyle) Zheng is a research scientist at a well-capitalized Stealth Mode AI Startup based in Palo Alto, California, where he is working on both fundamental and practical problems in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Previously, he was a research scientist at CoreAI team and New product development team, eBay Inc. He has published papers in premier conferences and journals including ACM TOG (SIGGRAPH), IEEE SPM, ACM Multimedia, PR, CGF, CVPR, ICCV, and ECCV, etc. He is an active reviewer and program committee for 20+ journals and conferences. He has completed DPhil at the University of Oxford and supervised by Prof. Philip H. S. Torr.

#Computer Vision#: Extensive Research & Development experience with semantic image segmentation, object detection, image classification, image processing, optical flow, visual search, vision and language, face tracking, gait recognition, and person re-identification, etc.

#Machine Learning#: Extensive experience with various machine learning algorithms, including probabilistic graphical models, deep learning, sparse coding, transfer learning, semi-supervised learning, etc.

#Tools#: Hands-on experience with Caffe, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe2, MxNet, OpenCV, Git, AWS, Google Cloud, Google Cloud TPU, and Docker.

#Opening positions:  summer research intern in 2D/3D Computer Vision using Deep Learning. Also, we are looking for a full-time research scientist and a machine learning engineer. Send me an email with your resume, if interested.

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Winner solutions for the 4th LPCVC (Low-power computer vision challenge 2020) object detection and image classification tasks are now released.

The 2nd Learning from Imperfect Data Challenge and Workshop at CVPR 2020 Seattle USA, Welcome to contribute and participate!

Learning from Imperfect Data Challenge and Workshop at CVPR 2019, Long Beach, USA, Welcome to contribute and participate!

Interactive Visual Search, eBay Tech blog, Jan 22, 2019.

ModaNet, eBay Tech blog, Nov 4, 2018.

Large-scale Product Image Recognition using Cloud TPU, eBay Tech blog, Jul 24, 2018. [Tensor Processing Units (TPU) Pod is a super computer for distributed computing, see more in Fei-Fei Li’s keynote, Larry Colagiovanni’s talk,  Empowering businesses and developers to do more with AI.]

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